About this blog

In April 2014, my 23-year-old son flew to San Francisco to carve out a life “free of the bondage” of work, home, societal structure. It was his choice to live on the streets. He went alone, with few belongings and little money, and bounced from the city, to Marin County, to Berkeley–where he encountered a large homeless culture. Sean [not his real name] was last seen panhandling near Telegraph Ave. in July–and last heard from in August.

This is a record of my mother’s voyage to Berkeley to look for him … and the ensuing spiritual path of coping with his emergent mental illness. Sean is currently in a psychiatric hospital under state care after a year of heartbreaking homelessness, physical injury, incarceration and destitution. He is on the mend!


contact me at: esseffone@gmail.com

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